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Home Alone

and Happy

Dog separation anxiety is real.

If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, you’re suffering too.

If you want to leave your dog home alone without the stress, guilt and worry, let’s chat.

Take a deep breath. You are in the right place.

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Dogs are…

Joy and Laughter

Cuddles and Companionship

Loyal and Intuitive

Mischievous turkey butts

But most of all, dogs are…


Separation Anxiety may…

Strain your personal and dog relationships
Challenge the bond with your dog
Cause endless heartache, stress and guilt
Be the top result in your Google search history

But most of all…

I can help.

Resolving your dogs separation anxiety means.....
a calm, relaxed canine
and a
happy, happy human.

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Meet Your Trainer

Sharon Labossiere


Hello! I’m so glad you’ve found us at Hanging With Hounds.

It’s my passion to help dogs and their people enjoy the best possible companionship.

In the last 10 years I've had the pleasure of working with 100's of dogs with complex behaviour issues. Fear and anxiety can be crippling. It is for humans; just as it is for our furry companions.

I specialize in resolving separation-related behaviours; helping families address this complex and life-altering canine behaviour is my mission. No other canine behaviour impacts the human family or tests the bond with the dog as significantly as separation anxiety.

If you are tired of DIYing it.
If you have spent countless hours in Facebook groups and googling it.
If you have gone down more rabbit holes than you care to admit.
If you have tried and failed.
If you are feeling discouraged and frustrated.
No matter how you found yourself here, take a deep breath, you are in the right place.

Take the first step towards freedom. Schedule your Initial Assessment today to begin your journey with my innovative Home Alone & Happy program.

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Why Hanging with Hounds

Living with a separation anxiety dog makes running a busy life that much more challenging. You need the most effective path to resolution so that you and your dog can get on with life.

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Best for your dog

It’s not just a matter of results, of course—you also want the peace of mind that comes with attaining those results through positive, humane dog training methods.

In good hands

Sharon takes a professional approach to dog training and a professional approach to client care—that means showing up on time, listening carefully, and supporting you through the separation anxiety training process.


Sharon has worked with clients from across the country. Whether you live in a high-rise condo in Toronto or a farm in rural Alberta. Whether your dog is a Toy Poodle or a Mastiff there are few breeds and scenarios we have not seen.

A reunion of Sharon’s dog clients would fill a dog park.


Sharon’s extensive credentials and commitment to continuing education mean you and your dog benefit from the most up-to-date training our industry has to offer.

In short, she knows what the heck she’s doing.


Living with a separation anxiety dog makes running a busy life that much more challenging. You need the most effective path to relief for you and your dog.


We create plans for life. Real life. Life with your dog that ends the doggy lockdown. A safe, effective and proven approach that will have your dog relaxing and you, your freedom. Get ready to get livin’!


Sharon can’t guarantee results…it is unethical to do so.

She will, however, do her absolute best to ensure that you and your dog are set up for success.

Let's get started

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Start with 'Ask Me Anything' to discuss your dog's separation anxiety. Learn more about how we can help.

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Schedule your Initial Assessment. This is the first step to resolving your dog's anxiety.

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Begin your Home Alone & Happy coaching program. Start your journey to life after separation anxiety.

Ask Me AnythingAsk Me Anything

$ 99

Per Month

Ask Me Anything is the perfect place to start when you have questions! Book a Zoom call with Sharon to ask her all of your dog-related separation anxiety questions.

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Initial AssessmentInitial Assessment

$ 99

Per Month

Get started with a 60-90 minute separation anxiety initial assessment to discuss your dog’s history and your training goals. Get expert eyes on your dog and help you determine your next steps.

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Coaching ProgramsCoaching Programs

$ 99

Per Month

Separation anxiety dog training programs tailored for you! Includes one-on-one support, daily coaching, customized training plans, video review and live check-ins.

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Client Testimonials


Read answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Got a question not covered? Book a discovery call to speak with Sharon in person.

I read that separation anxiety is not treatable.

I read that Separation Anxiety can’t be fixed. Is this true?

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The internet, well-meaning friends and family are full of advice about separation anxiety. Some advice is good.  However, some advice is not only not helpful, it can be damaging. Leaving out a food toy to keep the dog busy, is not likely to be helpful.  Calming sprays, thunder-shirts, music designed for dogs, again not likely to be much use.  While some of these things might work for some dogs some of the time, for most dogs, most of the time, they won't. At best, they fall into the 'might help, can't hurt' category. The trouble is, quite frankly, while you are spending time and money trying all of the advice on the internet, your dog is suffering, and so are you. Separation anxiety can be resolved.  CSAT's and SAPT's from around the world have been helping dogs with separation issues and thanks to them, there are many thousands of dogs successfully snoozing away while their wonderful pet parents are out enjoying their life again.
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How long will it take to fix my dog?

How long will it take to resolve my dog’s separation anxiety?

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This is the million-dollar question. There is no way to be able to answer this question.  There are so many factors that will affect how long the path to resolution is. It varies significantly from several months to a year or more for a dog with separation anxiety to learn to spend any significant time on their own. In many cases, you'll be able to leave your dog for short periods within a few months. By the end of your initial six weeks of training, we will have a better idea of your dog's learning curve and progress speed. Many factors affect how long it takes to resolve the behaviour, such as how long the dog has lived with the issue, their prior learning history, genetics, training commitment, exposure to over-threshold absences, whether behaviour medications are being used and management. Always bear in mind, dealing with separation-related behaviour issues is unlike any other type of dog training. We are dealing with fear, and we are trying to change the emotional response to that fear. It takes time. Historically, based on average results, many clients can achieve 2-3 hours within six months. But this is a guideline only. Some dogs take longer.

How do I know if my dog has separation anxiety?

How do I know if my dog has separation anxiety?

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Usually, the symptoms of separation anxiety are hard to ignore. These include howling, incessant barking, noise complaints from neighbours, pacing, whining, over-zealous greetings when you return, destruction of furniture, walls and doors, elimination (peeing and pooping) in the house in an otherwise housetrained dog, injury and self-harm, escaping crates or trying to break out of the room, or the home. However, there are instances when the dog does not have home-alone issues but still shows some of these same behaviours. Lack of exercise or mental enrichment, boredom, housetraining problems, too much time alone can yield the same symptoms, but the root cause is not fear or anxiety. Your separation trainer can help you determine if you are dealing with separation anxiety or boredom, FOMO or frustration and advise the right training plan to address the problem behaviour. This is why Sharon requires an assessment first before recommending a coaching program.
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