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Puppy mills are alive and well across North America. Would you know how to recognize if a puppy was from a puppy mill? Puppy mills are in it for the profit.  They do not care about the welfare of the animals in their care and most animals live in deplorable conditions. Here are some of the red flags to be aware of:

  • They are selling puppies in large numbers or always seem to have puppies available.
  • A breeder refuses to divulge the name of their veterinarian. If you are given the vet information, make sure they actually exist.
  • Advertisements are constantly in the newspaper classifieds or listed on the internet to buy puppies from the same person.
  • The same person always has puppies available or advertises them at every occasion as gifts. 
  • A breeder offers multiple different breeds for sale. Responsible breeders breed one maybe two breeds of dogs.
  • The seller wants to meet you in a public place to complete the sale.
  • The person does not ask you any questions other than money and pickup arrangements. Any legitimate breeder should care who his or her puppies end up with and ensure they are going to suitable homes. A responsible breeder will normally take their puppies back if it doesn't work out.
  • The person sells puppies at everyday events, such as garage sales or flea markets.
  • You are not allowed to meet the breeding parents or view the home or business facility.
  • A person claims he or she is selling the puppies as an “agent” for a breeder.
  • The breeder claims spaying or neutering is not required or unnecessary. Reputable breeders will be very diligent on this topic.
  • The puppies are offered for sale and delivery before they reach 8 weeks old. They will offload the puppies before they cost too much money eg food or vaccinations.