Leggett Xena Separation Anxiety Hanging With HoundsXena is able to relax by herself for over 3-hours.

My name is Xena, I am a 1 yr old Cavapoo, and thanks to Sharon, I overcame my fear and panic. If my mom left me alone, it would take me less than 1 minute to be paralyzed with fear. I cried, scratched frantically, bit at the bars of my crate to try to get to my mother’s lap. If I lost sight of her, I became so scared that she always took me with her. In the winter, my mom made sure my car crate ( which I could relax in even if my mom left me alone in the car) was covered with a quilt so I would not get cold. The seasons changed, and it was too hot to stay in my car crate, so my mom sought a dog behaviour specialist who could help both of us.

My mom found Sharon at Hanging with Hounds, who seemed like a kind, gentle soul who might be able to teach me not to panic when my mom left me for any amount of time. I started to trust Sharon, who would teach my mom how to desensitize me slowly. My mom and I worked hard. Slowly, ever so slowly, over three months, I learned how to relax and not worry or panic when she left me. It is newfound freedom for both of us, but I am so proud after three months, my mom can have self-care time, time to shop, or to do chores without me having a panic attack.

Sharon, my mom and I will continue to add to the skills you have taught me, but today I graduated and became a dog who saw the “door as a bore. “ I will also soon work on the other skills I need to learn, but today I bask in the knowledge I can let my mom out of my sight so she can have a bit of freedom. My four-legged friends, there is no need to panic when your owner needs to leave you alone, have your owner call Sharon. You will thank me later. Sharon, thank you for your assistance and guidance.

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