Don't take our word for it - we love to see you succeed!

One of the things I love about what we do is to be invited into your home to become a part of your story.  We never take this for granted.  I want to thank all the wonderful families we have been privileged to help.  Following are just a few of their stories.



Veterinary References

“Sharon is amazing and is the first person I refer to when dogs have behaviour issues.  As a Veterinarian it is very important I refer my clients and patients to someone who is both knowledgeable and compassionate; Sharon holds both of these qualities.  From puppies to older dogs with severe behavioural issues, Sharon has made a huge difference in the lives of many of my patients.  I cannot say enough good things about her.”    – Dr. Kaylan Elock, DVM West Springs Veterinary Hospital 

“I have known Sharon on a professional basis for 19 years. She has been an excellent veterinary client, maintaining the health of her dogs to the highest degree possible. I do not hesitate in referring clients to Sharon who may need obedience training or individual training. Hanging With Hounds has been a valuable addition to our network of available resources for our pets."  - Dr. Brian McBride, DVM Coach Hill Animal Hospital 


Clients Testimonials

Tucker - Separation Anxiety - Hanging With HoundsShayla & Tucker (Separation Anxiety)

Sharon is such a joy to work with! Her separation anxiety training is easy to follow, and she's always there to provide support. She offers flexible training and makes adjustments based on your pets progress and needs. She also helps you understand how progress ebbs and flows and encourages the celebration of successes! I would highly recommend to anyone in need of SA support!





Vanessa, Terence & Olive (Separation Anxiety)

We loved working with Sharon, she was so patient with our questions and was always happy to give advice where we needed it. Our puppy most definitely improved a lot working with Sharon. We worked with her on separation anxiety training and we appreciated how upfront she was from the start about how long a journey this could be. We would definitely rate her highly so please give her a chance if you are looking to working through separation anxiety with your dog. We have a long way to go but Sharon has given us clear goals and directions.


Gus - Puppy Life Skills - Puppy Training - Hanging With HoundsChloe, Jason & Gus (Puppy Life Skills)

Sharon is absolutely amazing! We were really struggling with direction on how we wanted to train our pup and she came in and not only trained him, but trained us on how to continue working with him. He has made so much progress since working with her, we could not be happier! Most importantly he absolutely adores her! We will definitely be looking into doing further training with Sharon as he grows. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, we are very thankful for Sharon! Gus says thank you too!





Puppy Dog Training Day Training All Around Hound

Juanita & Nova (All Around Hound Day Training)

Sharon was incredibly helpful with our very boisterous adolescent puppy, Nova. She was calm and focused, and clearly knew exactly what to do with Nova's rowdy energy, and she tailored the training to our needs. Her advice was spot on and from the first day of training our pup's behaviour steadily improved. Sharon was patient and kind, never punitive,. The training was just the right amount, the perfect approach, and very professional. I recommend Sharon wholeheartedly.



Separation Anxiety Hanging With Hounds XenaPenni, Sue & Xena (Separation Anxiety)

My name is Xena , I am a 1 yr old Cavapoo, and thanks to Sharon I was able to overcome my fear and panic.If my mom left me alone it would take me less than 1 minute to be paralyzed with fear. I cried, scratched frantically, bite at the bars of my crate to try to get to my mother’s lap. If I lost sight of her I became so scared that she always took me with her. In the winter my mom made sure my car crate ( which I could relax in even if my mom left me alone in the car) was covered with a quilt so I would not get cold. The seasons changed and it was too hot to stay in my car crate, so my mom sought out a dog behaviour specialist who could help both of us. My mom found Sharon at Hanging with Hounds, who seemed like a kind gentle soul who might be able to teach me not to panic when my mom left me for any amount of time. I started to trust Sharon, who would teach my mom how to desensitize me slowly. My mom and I worked hard, slowly , ever so slowly over 3 months I was able to learn how relax and not worry or panic when she left me. It is new found freedom for both of us, but I am so proud after 3 months my mom can have self care time, time to shop, or to do chores without me having a panic attack. Sharon, my mom and I will continue to add to the skills you have taught me, but today I graduated and became a dog who saw the “door as a bore. “ I will also soon work on other skills I I need to learn ,but today I bask in the knowledge I can let my mom out of my sight so she can have a bit of freedom. My 4 legged friends their is no need to panic when your owner needs to leave you alone, have your owner call Sharon, you will really thank me later. Sharon thank you for your assistance and guidance.


Separation Anxiety Training Ziggy

The Nolans & Ziggy (Separation Anxiety)

This is our second time working with Sharon and we love the outcome with or Yorkie who is much braver now in being left alone. Sharon has amazing techniques for separation anxiety to make both you and your dog feel comfortable. I highly recommend her service.






Harley Puppy Training Sharon Labossiere Hanging With Hounds Ultimate Puppy Day Training

Isles, Steve & Harley (Puppy Start Right & Ultimate Puppy)

We were are so thrilled to meet Sharon! She is very knowledgeable and insightful, but most importantly, our fur baby LOVED her! As first time parents, we needed some guidance and Sharon created a solid foundation for us to build upon. I trust Sharon completely and feel very lucky to have had her guidance. I would absolutely recommend her!! 





Laura & Kiro (Separation Anxiety)

Sharon was great to work with! She was upfront about how everything worked, what to expect in regards to possible costs and was very encouraging about my concerns. She gave me great feedback and follow up. 


Dasher Dancer Puppy Training Hanging With Hounds Sharon Labossiere Ultimate Puppy Day TrainingDasher Dancer Puppy Training Hanging With Hounds Sharon Labossiere Ultimate Puppy Day Training

Donna, Dasher & Dancer (Ultimate Puppy x2)

Sharon is a wonderful trainer! She knows what she is doing, and accomplishes the training in a positive, kind manner. My dogs responded really well to her, and she taught me a lot. [I needed more training than the dogs.] I would highly recommend her services - anytime!!!!






Penny Puppy Training Sharon Labossiere Hanging With Hounds Puppy ZOOM ies Virtual Puppy TrainingLindsay, Wyatt, Lexi & Penny the Pug (Puppy ZOOM-ies)

When Wilson came into our life we jumped at the chance to have his sister Penny become part of our family. We know nothing about dogs and hired Sharon to help us out. Puppy Basic was perfect! It let us know what we were doing right and helped us change things we were struggling with to make it better. Thank you Sharon! 






private puppy training sooke Langford victoria

Maria, Carolina & Otis (Puppy Start Right & Puppy Basics)

Sharon helped us train our 5-month old Labradoodle puppy with the greatest care and love. She is a joy to work with, very professional, effective, and with a compassionate and loving approach to dog training. Sharon made every session enjoyable and fun, and our puppy Otis loved her! As first time dog parents, we learned lots from the comprehensive resources she shared with us, and from every in-person session. She will be missed here in Calgary, and we'll sure doggie parents out in BC will be very lucky to work with her!! 





Shawna, Reagan, Georgy, Theo & Ollie (Behaviour Modification)

Sharon was great with our dogs and had a lot of great strategies that were easy to teach. Very professional, friendly and flexible. Would highly recommend! 


Private Dog & Puppy Training Sooke Langford Victoria

Cheryl & Betty (Hound Around Town)

My dog loves Sharon. I thoroughly enjoyed being trained by her after she trained Betty. She was willing to answer any question and help with any issue I had because I was at a loss in how to get Betty to do something. I’ve done both the program where Sharon comes while I’m at work to work with Betty and the “About town” series when Betty needed some help with reactivity. With Sharon’s help I can take relaxing walks with Betty - no lunging at people or barking to intimate people and dogs. She will be my first call the next time I need help understanding Betty.





Private Day training Dougie Sooke Langford VictoriaMegan & Dougie (Pup Star)

Sharon was recommended to us from a friend who was happy with the puppy training process she provided and got great results! We took the plunge as well and were not disappointed! Her hands on training was very effective but her commitment to getting results went beyond the time she spent with our pup. She was available to trouble shoot with us all along the way. I felt we got great value for the cost of the training. I definitely recommend Hanging With Hounds for your puppy training needs and goals!



Mitch, Rachelle & Winslow (Fabulous Fido & Hound Around Town)

We got a package including the Fabulous Fido and Hound Around Town training programs for our ~9 month old doodle puppy. It was total of 8 sessions - 4 in house and 4 out and around town. Sharon was awesome to work with, great communication, very responsive to questions/concerns and will share lots of helpful training materials between sessions, and has lots of ideas to help you work through any issues. For example, we weren't doing a separation anxiety program with her but our dog was displaying some signs of it, so we asked her about it and she gave us some great tips and materials to help work through it ourselves. She has also been very flexible and adaptable with COVID, offering outdoor training and virtual training, etc. Our dog had a decent training foundation and was pretty well behaved but working with Sharon has really helped us solidify the basics, expand on them, challenge him, and helped us problem solve some of his quirks. Would recommend without hesitation and will not hesitate to use again for a refresher or to address a specific issue in the future.


Separation Anxiety Dog Training

Kehna, Pat & Nora (Separation Anxiety)

5/5 and would absolutely recommend Hanging with Hounds! We adopted a 1.5 year old rescue dog a few months ago, and it was about a month into going into quarantine for the global pandemic. Within the first week we noticed her showing signs of separation anxiety, extreme panting, barking, whining and destructive behaviors. After a few more weeks of feeling a little helpless, and knowing we would eventually be returning to work, we felt the need to be proactive sought out some professional help and found Hanging with Hounds website and decided to proceed with Separation Anxiety behaviour modification. Because of social distancing, our entire training with Hanging with Hounds (Sharon) was via Zoom, and it worked out really great, she was super informative and answered all our questions and provided the guidance and clarity we needed while working through the missions. We started off with the 4 week program and from Day 1 where she showed signs of stress/anxiety when we left her for 30 seconds, we've now reached an absence of 60 minutes! We still have a lot of work to do with our dog, and totally understand we need to work at her pace and that this can be a slow process but we are beyond pleased (and relieved!) that we've seen such progress over the last month, and giving us a lot of confidence moving forward. Sharon was super lovely to work with, very professional and accommodating with our always changing schedule, and I truly have nothing but great things to say about our experience! I will do my best to follow up this review in a few months on our dogs progress.



Virtual Online Dog Training

Fietje & Charlie (Puppy Basics virtual and in-person)

Given these uncertain times I was a little hesitant to start my dog training remotely with Sharon at Hanging with hounds. I decided I would try it out and see how it would go, since I had already delayed the training of my 6 month old puppy. Sharon was very accommodating and prepped me for the first meeting by providing me with proper source material relevant to my dogs training and detailed instructions on how to access our first Zoom meeting. Our remote meeting went really well and we got right into the training basics such as touch, sit and down. Sharon also gave me pointers on house training to help get my puppy off the training pads. Along with google docs training journal I have seen major improvements in my puppy’s behavior and he hasn’t had an accident in the house for over a week. Success! I would highly recommend trying the on-line training and I look forward to our next training session this week. To see a short clip from Charlie's training, click here.




Remote Virtual Dog Training

Kelly & Rio (Puppy Start Right Virtual)

We had a virtual training session with Sharon when we brought our puppy to our home. Sharon was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions very kindly and gave us great tips with informative handouts. We were very happy about the session! To see a short clip from Rio's training, click here.


Jen & Dane (Behaviour Modification)

Sharon has been a saviour with our 4 year old dog Dane. Sharon does a very detailed intake form and chat before starting training. This is very valuable as it sets the client up for focused training sessions. Sharon sets up training journals so you can access the information whenever you need a refresher and keep her updated on how training is going. This is particularly helpful if you have a partner who isn't able to join the sessions and needs to read up on Sharon's instructions. We had quite a few things to work on with our dog, anxiety in general and around children, leash reactivity, barking at the door, and pulling while walking. Sharon was able to cover these in our sessions and provide fabulous guidance and resources. When things escalated with our dog growling at our toddler, Sharon went above and beyond and connected us with a Veterinary behaviourist. Sharon has that natural gift with dogs and has extensive knowledge and training. I would most definitely suggest Sharon to anyone looking for a trainer. I will continue to use her services remotely as needed during this time of social distancing. Thank you Sharon!!! 


Board and Train dog training

Karen & Toby (Dream Dog)

What a great experience I had with Sharon!! A couple of behaviours I just couldn’t master or correct in my dog over a year, were done in one week! And those behaviours are still ingrained in my pup ... exactly what I had hoped for. I truly believe the reason for success was allowing Sharon a full week of very concentrated training. Worth every cent!!





Cheryl & Betty (All Around Hound)

My dog loves Sharon. I thoroughly enjoyed being trained by her after she trained Betty. She was willing to answer any question and help with any issue I had because I was at a loss in how to get Betty to do something. I’ve done both the program where Sharon comes while I’m at work to work with Betty and the “About town” series when Betty needed some help with reactivity. With Sharon’s help I can take relaxing walks with Betty - no lunging at people or barking to intimate people and dogs. She will be my first call the next time I need help understanding Betty.


Live Online Virtual Dog Training

Trisha & Odin (Behaviour Consultation)

I had adopted a sweet rescue dog right before we were hit with this global pandemic and then shortly thereafter the restrictions of social distancing. Being a rescue, he needed work on a few things, and while I had planned to work with him and a trainer right away, this was no longer an option. After watching countless YouTube videos and reading how-to articles, I was feeling quite overwhelmed and really didn't even know where to start. I had reached out to Sharon and she offered me the option of a virtual training session which I signed right up for. She was able to help me with some foundation training and had lots of good tips and reasoning as to why he was acting the way he was. She gave me things to work on with him as well as countless other suggestions, and I have noticed a difference with him. It really was great to get some clarity on his behavior and have exercises to do with him daily and she also provided me with lots of handouts and information that I can keep referring back to. I would definitely recommend a virtual training session as a means to get things started with your dog and take some stress off yourself, as I know I felt much better about things afterwards. To see a excerpt from Trisha & Odin's training session, click here.


Dog Training

The Roy Family & Zuzu (Fabulous Fido)

Sharon was the third dog trainer we tried and head and tails above the rest. She is so effective with her training techniques and super clear in her explanations and answered all of our questions. This was totally the way to go for us as a family of five. Each family member had a chance to practice with her guidance. Invaluable. Thanks Sharon!






Puppy Training

The Foley Family & Benji (Puppy Basics)

Sharon was fantastic! She is so calm and gentle with dogs and our puppy loved her! She provided great written materials as well as her training sessions with our whole family which were extremely helpful. We have never had a dog before so were definitely in need of some help and Sharon provided such a great service. We loved having training sessions at our own home instead of with a class and Sharon was great at teaching our puppy (and us!) many useful skills. We really appreciated all of her expertise and advice as well as her kind nature and would highly recommend her service!





The Skiboff Family & Raven (Fabulous Fido)

Hello fellow dog lovers! This review has been a long time coming. There are no words to express the quality of training that you receive with Sharon! You can tell the moment she walks into the room that she has a special connection with dogs! Our puppy benefitted from the love and attention that Sharon provides and over the past year we have been showered with compliments on how well behaved Raven is. All I can say is wow, thank you and can you get into training kids as well! Thank you so much Sharon for sharing your knowledge with us so we can have such an amazingly well behaved dog!


Dog TrainingThe Discombe's & Mazi (Fabulous Fido)

We really enjoyed working with Sharon at Hanging with Hounds. We needed extra guidance training our 5 month old German Shepherd mix who has lots of energy, jumps up, counter surfs, is mouthy and chews everything and will occasionally snarl when frustrated. Sharon showed us techniques for discouraging the bad behavior by 'rewarding the good behavior' and not giving attention to the bad. Overall her techniques have been effective and we just need to continue practicing them. We highly recommend Sharon and will contact her again should we need further support. She's fantastic!






Puppy Training

The Latif Family & Lapa (Ultimate Puppy)

We feel lucky that we found Sharon for our puppy training.  Sharon taught everything to our puppy what we hoped for and what was promised to us when we bought the ultimate puppy training package. We highly recommend Sharon to all dog owners who like to have there dog trained. Thank you very much Sharon for all your help.




IMG 6416 1The Rakos Family & Alice (Fabulous Fido)

We have never raised a puppy by ourselves, let alone a giant one. If you are lost and don't know where to start, this is where to start. With no previous experience we were doing a lot of in effective training and even making somethings worse. Sharon was very friendly and did a great job, we now have the tools to work with our puppy and start a great relationship. 






IMG 9946Rhonda & Fernie (Puppy Start Right)

Sharon came to our home to give our family a 90 minute coaching session on fundamentals for welcoming a new puppy into our home. Sharon was very informative, patient and had wonderful suggestions for our family. We left the session feeling more confident on raising our puppy. We'd recommend Sharon's services to anyone. Thanks! 






Tank, Dog Training Calgary, Reactivity, Dog Aggression

Feden & Tank (Fabulous Fido)

I first called Sharon in tears after a terrible incident at the dog park. Within hours she got back to me and spent time to understand my concerns. She made me feel safe and she was so empathetic to my situation. Sharon uses a positive and flexible approach to training that was tailored to my needs and lifestyle. She helped me celebrate my little successes and encouraged me to adapt the material to make it work for my dog and I. Throughout the training, she supported me to develop a deeper sense of trust and connection with my dog. Along with great suggestions for his mental stimulation, many of the difficult behaviours we were facing melted away. Thanks for all your support Sharon!! 







Argo Dog training Calgary Separation Anxiety Behaviour Modification

Caitlin, Pero & Argo (Fabulous Fido & Separation Anxiety)

I cannot begin to describe how amazing Sharon is and how much she helped us with our new dog! We signed up for two courses with Sharon and I would recommend both! We signed up our new dog Argo for Separation Anxiety training with Sharon as Argo was proving to be destructive and panicked when we left him, even if it was for 5 minutes. My partner and I felt very cooped up in our own home, not being able to leave together and having to constantly put him in daycare or get dog sitters, which isn’t sustainable all the time. Sharon was so amazing in guiding us through the proper training techniques to get Argo confident enough to just hang out and nap while we were gone. She kept us accountable by providing homework for us to do between sessions. The homework was also a great way to track Argo’s progress and lessen our anxieties about his training. We also booked in for her Fabulous Fido sessions as Argo liked to jump up to greet people, which is not appropriate in a condo building. From the moment Sharon walked in, Argo became a whole different dog, intent on training, listening and working on his obedience. In just four short weeks he was no longer jumping on people, knew 5 new commands and was well on his way to loose-leash walking. Everyone we knew say a marked difference in his behaviour and we were really proud of him. Being young professionals, we were seriously debating the training due to the high cost of in-home trainers. Sharon has the most cost-effective rates of many in-home trainers in Calgary and the sessions are worth every penny! She sets you up for success and doesn’t expect you to continually book sessions. She was a great help at giving us the tools to move forward and gain confidence without her being at our side, which should be a dog trainers goal. Honestly as much as Sharon helped train Argo, I think she was even better at training us as owners and setting us up for individual success even after our sessions came to an end. Argo was always lovable and a relatively good dog but with Sharon’s expertise he’s become even better than we could’ve imagined. I think we will definitely be booking Sharon again to help us take Argo’s training to another level.


Belle Calgary Dog Training Wire Fox Terrier

Lori & Belle (Fabulous Fido)

We found Sharon through a personal connection and were thrilled to have discovered her! We have a very busy wire fox terrier puppy (now 18 months old) and Sharon came to our rescue a few months ago. We chose the at-home training program with Sharon to minimize distractions and improve the home environment first.  From the conversations we had each time as well as working with our pup, we learned so much from Sharon and we've had dogs before!! Just little comments, tips and experiences shared all helped with our training. We absolutely loved our dog before but now that she's better behaved overall, we enjoy her even more (if that's possible)! On top of all this, Sharon was extremely well organized, reliable and very punctual. Definitely 5 stars! Thanks Sharon.  




Caymus Puppy Training Ultimate Puppy

Sarah, Alan & Caymus (Ultimate Puppy)

My wife found Sharon and Hanging with Hounds just after we got our St. Bernard puppy and we are so happy that she did! At our initial meeting, Sharon already had our pup sitting on command and set us up with a schedule to help avoid bathroom accidents in the house. As the training started we were so impressed with the positive reinforcement method that Sharon uses. Never once did she yell or punish our dog and as a result, we have a dog who is happy, affectionate and a part of our family as opposed to a scared accessory who sits on the side. Our dog knows so many commands now and loves to practice them. He also loves learning new skills because it is all positive and fun to him! Sharon set us up for real success and a great life with our pup. We never hesitate to recommend Hanging with Hounds to everybody we meet because we had such a great experience with Sharon!!  



Mikala & Carl (Fabulous Fido)

I contacted Sharon after we got our second dog, Carl. He was a smart, feisty, and somewhat destructive Rough Collie who, at the time we contacted her, was a 75lb, 8-month-old puppy. Sharon made me feel so much better about the daunting task of trying to train Carl, and by the end of our 4th session with her, I was left feeling like I had all the tools needed to help him grow into a well-mannered family member. I honestly couldn’t recommend Sharon enough and have already passed her contact info onto friends and family.  


Blizzard Dog Training All Around Hound Day TrainingTimber Dog Training All Around Hound

Cedar Dog training, Day training All Around HoundDeborah, Chris, Blizzard, Cedar & Timber (All Around Hound)

We cannot say how thankful we are for finding Sharon & wanted to post a review, as it was previous client reviews that led us to her. Her calm, kind patient demeanour & training techniques have transformed our 3 dogs. Friends commented on a recent walk saying that they could see the difference! We booked the "All Around Hound" program where Sharon addressed all aspects of what we want to get out of the training. We also found the transfer sessions where we learn how to apply the techniques invaluable so that we can ensure consistency & continued training successes. We have a young, rescue that we recently adopted. He'd had a horrible start to life making him fearful & reactive. Sharon worked diligently with him & he's come on "leaps & bounds". The regularity & consistency of the "All Around Hound" program was what he needed to help him (& us). We have confidence & look forward to continuing the training using what we have learned. Sharon has set him & us up for success in the future. We highly recommend Sharon; do not hesitate to contact her. Like us, you'll be so thankful that you did. 


IMG 5116Ryan & Betty (Ultimate Puppy)

Our experience with Sharon exceeded expectations. While her program is fully customized to your dog and your desired outcomes there is a significant amount of structure to her approach to training you and your dog. From written instructions and documentation to post session notes and the transfer sessions you feel 100% involved, empowered, and confident that you will be able to manage your dog as well as Sharon does.  When we signed up for the $1,000 package Betty (my dog) kind of knew "sit". In just a little over a month, Betty no has a very reliable sit, down, touch, leave it, stay, AND come. But the best part is Sharon taught Betty "side". Because Betty is a large dog and I live in a condo downtown Sharon also taught Betty "side" which is incredibly useful to have Betty tuck up right beside me on my right-hand side. In crowded elevators, waiting at busy and distracting crosswalks, and numerous other occasions that pop up in high-density living, "side" makes moving through the world with Betty stress-free - there is nothing worse than an unruly and over exuberant dog bothering everyone around you.  When surfing the web looking for Sharon I felt like choosing a private trainer would be a bit of an expensive gamble. It felt difficult to vet and choose someone to train Betty as you never really know if the investment will be in the right trainer. With Sharon, you can rest assured that, whatever your goals, Sharon will train both you and your dog. Sharon is very personable and caring while simultaneously being extremely professional.  I will definitely be buying another block of Sharon's valuable time to take Betty's training to the next level. While seemingly expensive, private training with Sharon is actually a bargain. The benefits to the pleasure of having a well-trained dog and the deeper relationship that brings are worth infinitely more than the small fee that Sharon charges.  Without any hesitation, I give Sharon my highest possible recommendation.  Betty also is now a delight to walk with. She politely walks beside me with a loose leash and, if she needs a reminder when she ranges ahead a bit, gentle use of the word "heel" brings her back to the correct position.  

Eric, Chris & Shylla (Fabulous Fido)

Amazing experience with Sharon! Our fur baby was so high energy and excitement, it was difficult to have visitors or go for walks. Now we have no issues, even have more tricks to work on to help out in the future. Highly recommended for anyone thinking about "people training" 🤣 


Tamara & Jax (Fabulous Fido & Hound Around Town)

Being a new fur-mom and having been to some puppy classes already, I was looking for something that could take me and my fur-monster to the next step. Sharon came in and built a program that focused on all the things I was looking for as well as things she added based on her observations of what we needed. The training tips and tricks she taught me, helped to further solidify a great trusting relationship between me and my fur-monster. Her patience and positive-reinforcement based training methods fit perfectly with how I wanted to train my pooch. Thanks Sharon! :) Highly recommended.   


IMG 5170

Lindsay, Daphne & Flora (Puppy Basics)

Sharon is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Our puppies are becoming well-trained dogs thanks to everything she taught us. 






Tonya & Minnie (Fabulous Fido)

We felt so lost with our pup who took a regression in listening so we contacted Sharon and it was such a pleasant experience and it helped get us and our pup back on the right track. 



Kristy & Titus (The Family Dog)

As first-time dog owners, we had no idea what having a puppy entailed. I have 2 children, 7 and 2, so a busy house to start with. We wanted our pup, Titus, to blend into our family as safely and best as he could, with proper knowledge on how to handle all situations accordingly. We hired Sharon, to come into our home and help us mould Titus into a family dog. And that she did! She was extremely patient, kind and supportive, not just in our home, but at any time we needed advice or had a concern. One thing I like the most about her training style is that she lets you do the work, which means the bond is formed with owners and not the trainer. Sharon, I can’t thank you enough for helping us make Titus, the perfect family dog. I understand that private dog training can seem daunting with the price alone, but it is money well spent. Your family's safety is priceless, and so is setting your pup up for success!!! There were bad days, hard days, and now, fantastic days. Titus is now 7 months old, an absolute dream, and I adore hearing from everyone he encounters, how well behaved he is. Now, that’s hard work paid off! Sharon, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 



RomeoMontyBrett, Tanya-Rae, Romeo & Monty (Puppy Basics & Fabulous Fido)

Hanging With Hounds was recommended to us by Doodle Dogs in Parkdale. We worked with Sharon in early 2018 in private training sessions where we had two dogs that were slightly different ages, Monty (4 months) and Romeo (13 months). Sharon was very flexible and customized a training program that would work for both dogs. The improvements we saw in Monty and Romeo were incredible. Sharon was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She was very professional and superb with our dogs. We really felt like we not only saw great improvement with the two dogs in the 6 weeks that we were working with Sharon, but that we were also armed with tips and tools to continue training the pups long after our sessions were completed. We would highly recommend Hanging With Hounds to anyone interested in dog training!  




Tara, Behn & Abby (Separation Anxiety)

We could not be happier with our experience and results from working with Sharon from Hanging with Hounds. Worth every penny and minute! We have a dog with separation anxiety and through a great deal of patience, diligence and expert advice from Sharon, we now have a much more relaxed, confident dog that can be left alone at home. 



Tanya, Dean & Tank (Puppy Basics & Fabulous Fido)

We had just gotten a new puppy and we were pulling our hair out!!! Sharon came in and gave us exactly what we should try to regain control. It worked and our puppy improved by 200% in just the 4 weeks we worked with her. She helped us tremendously and we will be forever grateful to her for making our experience with our new puppy so much better.





 Tamara & Chloe (Puppy Basics & Fabulous Fido)

Sharon was an absolute treasure! She trained our Australian Labradoodle as a puppy and was even able to teach our older shit tsu a few new good habits. She was very attentive and encouraging towards my children who were a big part of the training. Extremely patient, knowledgeable, professional and kind. 



Jesse, Laura & Beau (All Aorund Hound)

Highly recommend - Sharon was great with our energetic lab puppy and gave us the tools we need to continue with training him. The results have been fantastic.







Trudy, Cam & Lani (Fabulous Fido)

I give Sharon 10 stars! She's extremely patient and helpful. She is always on time and makes sure we understand all exercises and have time to practice them before our session is over. She is very responsive to questions and never judgemental. Sharon is an amazing dog trainer, whose methods make sense and most importantly, work! Love Sharon and everything she has to offer.  




Tiana & Zara (Puppy Basics & All Around Hound)

I contacted Sharon when my French Bulldog puppy was only about 9 weeks old. I had begun to notice some behaviour that was concerning to me and I really needed a professional opinion and that is what I got! She worked with me and my dog to start the training process as well as helped me figure out how to curb sometimes over-the-top behaviours. My puppy has sure challenged me but I am happy to say that I have continued to work with Sharon via phone and email and am seriously considering her next program!  





WesleyTim & Wesley (Fabulous Fido)

Can't recommend Sharon highly enough! My year old, 150lb plus, Irish Wolfhound is very good-natured but a bit of a handful. Sharon has worked with me diligently and professionally to get Wesley and me on track for him to be a perfectly behaved 200lb dog. 






Cooper Day Training Ultimate Puppy

Christeana & Cooper (Ultimate Puppy & All Aorund Hound)

I honestly can't say enough, about how awesome Sharon was with both me and my 'fur baby' Cooper! Being a first-time pet owner, my worst fear was that Cooper wouldn't learn the basics and I would be lost on how to train him. My vet recommended Hanging with Hounds and it was the best decision I made (apart from Cooper of course). Sharon began working with him at 10 weeks old. With her patience and love Cooper learned, socialization, sit, down, touch, leave it! I truly believe because of Sharon, Cooper has been given unbelievable life lessons and I learned how to interact with him and how his little 'fur brain' works. I would highly recommend Sharon and Hanging with Hounds to anyone looking for a safe, fun, loving, experienced trainer!





Lucy Board and TrainJoan, Don & Lucy (Dream Dog)

Have been meaning to write you to tell you how good Lucy has been since we came back from vacation!! All her training seemed to click in and she has been an angel.  Really fun.  Just had the BEST day with Lucy.  She was so well behaved.  We had lots of visitors over and their dog.  She greeted the other dog really well.  A little while later we all went outside and Lucy and Brig had a great time running and chasing each other.  They totally wore each other out. 



Calgary dog training Hanging With Hounds

Keith, Peg & Boots (Fabulous Fido)

We have owned and loved Rhodesian Ridgeback's since 1995.  In Feb 2016 we obtained a new pup, our fourth.  As time went by we discovered that there were some behaviours that we were challenged with.  Subsequently, we contacted Sharon of Hanging with Hounds ( as recommended by our vet) to assist us with his training.  Sharon has a very kind, confident, calm demeanour and a very professional approach as she consults with you and your pet.  She has passed along valuable knowledge and has taught us that people require the proper training tools, consistency and time in order to have successful outcomes.  She is dedicated to helping you train your dog to become a good citizen.  She is also readily available for questions or concerns either via an email or a phone call.  We are most grateful for Sharon and would highly recommend her.


Calgary dog training Hanging With Hounds

Maura & Bailey (Puppy Basics & All Around Hound)

A special thank you to Sharon who has provided some outstanding training for my new puppy Bailey. She has responded so well and couldn't have done it without you. I highly recommend Sharon, and Hanging with Hounds -- it has been an outstanding difference.





Calgary dog training Hanging With Hounds

Carole & Maxime (Fabulous Fido)

Thank you Sharon, what a difference! Maxime is an amazing little guy, however, we had some difficulty with his unpredictable aggressive behaviour; now we are better equipped to understand his triggers, and with a few positive adjustments, we've experienced a real difference. Thank you so much for the time you spent working with us, especially the feedback provided last weekend at the off-leash dog park!"




Deb & Bentley (Fabuous Fido)

Bentley and I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Sharon! It was awesome, we learned a lot!! I highly recommend Hanging With Hounds and plan on doing more training with her! 


Calgary dog training Hanging With HoundsManfred, Katherine & Sango (Fabulous Fido)

After giving Sharon the opportunity to meet our 4 months old, unruly Rhodesian Ridgeback, we engaged her to take up the challenge of training our lively companion since he was difficult to control. Although we had Ridgebacks in the past, living up to their reputation of having a calm disposition, not jumping up at people and barking little, Sango did not show much of these qualities yet. Unperturbed, Sharon saw his potential and took a patient but firm, no-nonsense approach, guiding him in the right direction, correcting any of his bad habits and erratic behaviour using a positive approach. 

There were no tricks or gimmicks, Sharon remained strict and consistent, training him in a professional manner, not giving up until Sango got the message. Not less important, she taught us again how to handle the dog, strengthening the behaviour we expect him to adopt. After a few weeks, he was much more manageable at home and it was a pleasure to take him out and let him run off-leash. Without Sharon’s help and training, it would have caused us much strain taming our boisterous puppy.





Marlene & Apollo (Behaviour Modification)

We had a fantastic experience with Hanging with Hounds! It has only been a short time and we already have seen an improvement in Apollo; We feel that we have better tools and information to raise our puppy into a well behaved, happy, healthy, fun loving, dog!! Sharon is very knowledgeable and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of understanding how dogs think and dog training!  




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