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Sharon’s professional credentials

Sharon wants Hanging With Hounds clients to experience the best possible support and training results. This means a professional approach to her work, including a dedication to continuing education—an important distinction in an unregulated industry where anyone can proclaim themselves a dog trainer without specialized education, knowledge, or experience.

Sharon is proud to be accredited with AnimalKind through the BCSPCA.  AnimalKind Acceditation is a rigorous process that ensures that as a dog owner you are assured that Hanging With Hounds will uphold the highest standards in dog training and animal welfare.  Read the press release here.


Sharon’s credentials to date include:
AnimalKind Accredited dog trainer
PCBC-A  Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant (Accredited) (PPAB-PPG)
ADT Accredited Dog Trainer through the International Association of Animal Behavior (IAABC)
KPA-CTP Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. KPA is widely considered one of the most rigorous training programs available to professional dog trainers.
CSAT Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer through Malena DiMartini, the leading expert on separation anxiety (home alone) behaviour modification
SA Pro Trainer 
CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
Fear Fear Certified Trainer 

CTDI Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog®

Additionally, Sharon has attended a wide range of conferences, workshops, and seminars to study with prominent dog trainers such as Dr. Susan Friedman, Michael Shikashio & Trish McMillian, Dr. Karen Overall, Suzanne Clothier, Dr. Robert Hewings, Niki Tudge, Debbie Jacobs, Sue Sternberg and Nicole Wilde.  

Sharon is currently enrolled in the Jean Donaldson's Academy of Dog Trainers program (the 'Harvard' for dog trainers) which is a deep dive into complex canine behaviour issues.  For a complete listing of Sharon's Continuing Professional Development click here.


Professional association memberships:

BCSPCA AnimalKind
CAPDT The Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
IAABC Accredited member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
PPG The Pet Professional Guild
AFFA The Alberta Force Free Alliance


AnimalKind Accredited



Hanging With Hounds is proud to be accredited by the BCSPCA as an AnimalKind trainer.  To maintain this certification, the BCSPCA will audit Hanging With Hounds on a regular basis to ensure that we uphold the highest standard of care in dog training and animal welfare.  

As an accredited trainer I guarantee to only used science-based, force free training methods with your dog and you can be assured that I will be open and transparent in my business practices with you.


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Hanging With Hounds adheres to the practice of not causing fear, anxiety or stress in any animal.  We believe that training, veterinary and grooming practices should be and can be a positive and rewarding experience for our pets, and for us for that matter. 





 Sharon is proud to meet many of her clients through veterinary referrals.

“I have known Sharon on a professional basis for 19 years. She has been an excellent veterinary client, maintaining the health of her dogs to the highest degree possible. I do not hesitate in referring clients to Sharon who may need obedience training or individual training. Hanging With Hounds has been a valuable addition to our network of available resources for our pets."  -Dr. Brian McBride, Coach Hill Animal Hospital





Sharon Labossiere Hanging With Hounds Meet Your Trainer

Our training philosophy

Advancements in modern behavioural science and training now allow educated dog trainers to teach new behaviours and stop unwanted ones with humane, gentle, positive-reinforcement based training. Leaving old-fashioned training behind means no more choke, prong, or shock collars. No more use of pain, fear, or intimidation to punish “wrong answers.” No more training anxiety for dogs or training guilt for trainers and dog guardians. Believing that the focus of training should be building a great relationship with our dogs, our training is done with kindness, using food, toys and praise as the reward.  Not only do we get great results, but dogs also enjoy the training process, and so do we humans!






Our guarantee

While many dog trainers in our unregulated industry guarantee specific training results, this practice is considered unethical by, and grounds for dismissal from, professional associations such as the APDT, IAABC, and PPG. And for good reason—how can one living organism guarantee the future behaviour of another? Dogs are living, breathing decision-making machines just like any other being. Our job as responsible, ethical, educated dog trainers is to help dogs learn to make the right choices.

So while we do not guarantee specific outcomes, we do guarantee this:
→  We will strive to provide you with the best possible training results
→  We will constantly improve and expand our own knowledge and skills and stay on top of all the latest scientific developments in the training field
→  We will respect your time and financial commitment to training by showing up on time, responding to your phone calls and emails promptly, and following through on our commitments to you
→  We will customize your training package to your goals for your dog
→  We will use only positive methods when training your dog—and also when teaching you


Sharon’s story

about 3

After 30 years in corporate finance for multinational companies in Canada, Australia, and the UK, Sharon ended her many years of heavy travel to pursue her passion for dogs. After working as the Behaviour Coordinator for the Cochrane and Area Humane Society, Sharon opened Hanging With Hounds to keep dogs out of shelters by keeping them in their homes through positive puppy and dog training.

Sharon has shared her life with many dogs, both her own and fosters. In her foster work, she specialized in rehabilitating fearful dogs to increase their adoptability and success in their new homes.

Sharon currently lives with two Golden Retrievers named Pippa (11 yo) and Frankie (1 yo) and a rescue pup called Lulu (~4 yo).

In memoriam - I have had to say goodbye to many wonderful dogs over the years, but they have all been instrumental in shaping the trainer I have become. They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.  Most recently we lost Gracie (on left) to cancer (Dec 18).  She was loved and is dearly missed.




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Continuing Professional Development
SAPro Certification (Jul 2021)
Dog Behaviour Conference - Victoria Stillwell (April 2021)
IAABC Annual Conference (May 2021)
Reactive to Relaxed - Leslie McDevitt
Solving Canine Behaviour Problems - Puppyworks
Clicker Expo - Karen Pryor Academy (3-days)
Aggression in Dogs Master Certification (Michael Shikashio)
Fear Free Certified Trainer
IAABC Annual Conference (4 days)
Aggression in Dogs Conference (2 day)
PPG Annual Conference (5 days)
Fear in Dogs (2 days)
Resource Guarding (1 day)
The Academy of Dog Trainers Professional Program - 2-year deep dive into canine behaviour
Clicker Expo - Karen Pryor Academy (3-days)
PPG Annual Conference (Dog Aggression & Bites) (3-days) - April 2019
Practical Puppy Instructors Course (7-day) - Chirag Patel - May 2019
Animal Behaviour Symposium - BC SPCA - June 2019
Dr. Karen Overall - Canine Behaviour - April 2019
IAABC Mentorship - Writing (8-week) - Eileen Anderson
IAABC Mentorship - Human/Animal Behaviour Consulting (8-week) - Michael Baugh
IAABC - Virtual Behaviour Consultations (3-week) - Katenna Jones 
Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) - Malena Di Martini
Canine Behavioural Medication - Dr. Karen Overall
How to Successfully Modify Problem Behaviour in Shelter Dogs - Julie Naismith and Kelly Lee
Working with Dog Aggression - Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillian
Let's Coach Scent Work - Dr. Robert Hewings (PPG)
Walk This Way - Niki Tudge/Louise Stapleton-Frappell (PPG)
Fenzi Dog Sports Academy:
  Advanced Recall I & II - Donna Hill
  Management for Reactive Dogs - Dr. Amy Cook
  Effective Behaviour Change - Sarah Stremming
  The Science of Training - Dr. Amy Cook
  Knock Knock - From Chaos to Calm - Nancy Tucker
  Cooperative Canine Care - Deborah Jones
  Precision Heeling - Denise Fenzi
  Helping Fearful Reactive and Stressed Dogs - Dr. Amy Cook
  Sound Advice - Conquering Noise Sensitivity - Dr. Amy Cook
  Normal or Not: Common Behavioural Disorders - Dr. Jessica Hekman DVM
  The Melting Pot: Genes, environment, personality Dr. Jennifer Summerfield DVM
  Achieving a Balance Between Motivation and Control - Deborah Jones
  Stir Crazy: Games for Small Places - Donna Hill
  Focus Games - Deborah Jones
  Epigenetics and Puppies - Dr. Lynn Honeckman DVM
  It's Mine - Jean Donaldson
  Noise Phobias - Dr. Lore Haug DVM
  Basic Behavioural Neuroanatomy - Dr. Lore Haug DVM
  Introduction to Neurobiology I - Dr. Lore Haug DVM
  Introduction to Neurobiology II - Dr. Lore Haug DVM
Certified Trick Training Instructor - Kyra Sundance
Karen Pryor Professional Program (KPA-CTP)
Living and Learning From Animals - Dr. Susan Friedman
Puppy Start Right - Karen Pryor Academy
2016 and before
APDT Conference
What's the Problem - Suzanne Clothier
Fearful Dogs & Separation Anxiety - Nicole Wilde
Worked Up - Sarah Stremming
IAABC Beginning Behaviour Consulting - Sarah Filipiak
Equinology - Canine Myofascial Release
Equinology - Certification in Canine Bodywork



Serving busy pet parents in Sooke/Langford BC with private in-person dog and puppy training.  Remote/virtual training clients including separation anxiety home alone training are served across Canada.


My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.  ...Unknown