Here are a few training tricks we've picked up while hanging with hounds 


Tips and Tricks

Tip sheets coming soon.

Raising Puppy Right - a brochure on the good, the bad and the ugly of socializing your puppy.  Click here to download.

Why are dog bites to children so prevalent?  Often it is because children aren't aware of or taught how to interact with dogs.  Check out these fun and educational videos on Canine Body Language and How To Greet Dogs designed especially for children.

Healthy dog training treats - You can go through a lot of treats when you are training your dog.  Store bought treats are often expensive and not always very healthy.  Often my dogs are not that fond of them, which is really saying something given that they are golden retrievers.  I came across this great recipe for Tuna Fudge (no chocolate involved) that has been a huge success with all the different dogs that I work with.  It is easy to make, healthy and economical.  Download the Tuna Fudge recipe here.


Enrichment Ideas and Activities:

Mental stimulation is very important for our dogs.  Dogs were bred to be active and to problem solve.  Unfortunately, they are not often given this chance is today's world.  Many behaviour problems that I see can be traced back to boredom.  If we can give our dogs activities to do that work their brains, tap into their natural instincts and give them a job to do we can help eliminate some of the unwanted behaviours we have to live with.  These activities, combined with breed appropriate physical exercise can make a huge difference to the daily welfare of our dogs.




Free Resources.

Are you bringing a new puppy home soon? - Here is a link to two excellent resources on how to prepare for both before and after you bring your puppy home.  Dog Star Daily


Useful links for dog owners.


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