Living with challenging canine behaviour is not easy.

There is help available.



What is the difference between Behaviour Modification and other dog training?  

Behaviours that require modification are generally more complex.  Often the dog has been practicing the behaviour for some time.  Most of the time the behaviour is as a result of a lack of socialization when young, a traumatic event and is usually rooted in fear and anxiety.  Your trainer will help you understand the situation better by taking a very detailed history.  Behaviour modification is more than just training.  Often we have to go back to the basics and change your dog's emotional response.  This can take time.  The customized training plan will include strategies to manage the situation in the short-term as well as address the underlying behaviour in the mid-to-long term.  


Which training program is right for you?

Choose a Behaviour Modification Consultation if your dog ......  

  • Growls at friends & family
  • Protects its toys
  • Is grumpy around other dogs
  • Displays anxious behaviours
  • Shows behaviour you consider a concern to your family
  • Is reactive on leash
  • Is shy and anxious around people or dogs

Choose a Separation Anxiety Consultation if your dog ......

  • Barks, cries, howls or whines for an extended period when you leave
  • You come home to pools of drool
  • Paces around your home and will not settle while you are out
  • Destroys or chews furniture, throw cushions or other household furnishings
  • Destroys walls, doors or window frames either by chewing or scratching
  • Eliminates in the house and they are otherwise housetrained
  • Breaks out of their crate
  • Does damage to themselves by breaking teeth, nails or inflicts other harm on themselves in the attempt to escape

Choose Fabulous FidoHound Around TownAll Around Hound or Dream Dog if your dog...

  • Drags you on your daily walks
  • Greets you like a linebacker,
  • Mugs your guests
  • Potties in your house
  • Digs up your lawn
  • Uses your furniture as a chew toy
  • Needs to learn how to relax
  • Has a general lack of training 



Why private dog training with Hanging With Hounds?

Because you’re busy and need results
Dog training classes are fun, but when your time is short private training is the fastest and most effective path to dog training results.
Because you want the best for your dog
It’s not just a matter of results, of course—you also want the peace of mind that comes with attaining those results through positive, humane dog training methods.
Because you want to know you’re in good hands, too
Our trainer takes a professional approach to dog training and a professional approach to client care—that means showing up on time, listening carefully, and following through.



Behaviour Modification Private Dog Training Program

B Mod

Program Type: Consultation & customized training program

An initial behaviour consult followed by a training program tailored to your goals and needs

Program Length: 90-minute initial consult; customized training program

Behaviours Covered: Behavioural issues are usually more complex than training issues and can include fearful behaviour around dogs or people, aggression towards dogs or people, guarding or aggressive behaviours around food or toys and separation distress or anxiety. These issues are caused by a variety of factors including lack of socialization, traumatic events and genetics.  They typically require more extensive behaviour modification to address the underlying issues and sometimes will require veterinary support.   

For separation anxiety, or an inability to be left alone, click here.

Living with behaviour issues causes stress for you, your dog, and your household. Our job is to figure out the cause behind your dog’s unwanted behaviour and then teach him a new way to handle himself. Jumping for attention? We’ll show him that sitting works much better. Growling to protect his food bowl? We’ll teach your dog to love sharing. Whatever the issue, our positive approach to training will restore peace and harmony to your home.

Training begins with a 90-minute behaviour consult in the convenience of your home. Our trainer will assess your dog, explain the root causes of his behaviour, listen to your concerns and goals, and work with you to create a personalized training package to fit your goals and lifestyle.  Our trainer will leave you with some management tips that will help you live with the behaviour in the short term until you get underway with your training plan.

Note:   The cost of the training plan is not included in the consultation fee.

B-Mod initial consult cost: $225 plus gst

A remote consultation is available for $195 plus gst for 60-90 minute virtual meeting using Skype or Zoom.  (Effective Oct 1/21 $205.00 plus tax)



Behaviour Modification Training Plans

Following the initial consultation, a behaviour modification training plan will be developed to address the behaviour in question.  Complex behaviour modification will take time to resolve.  Complex behaviours such as aggression and dogs that have a bite history may never be considered cured.  In these situations, lifelong management will be a priority.  Factors such as the lifestyle of the dog, the complexity of the behaviour, how long the dog has been practicing the behaviour, compliance with the training plan are some of the factors that will impact the outcome.

B-Mod Training packages*:

Programs are developed for your specific situation and include one-on-one coaching, customized handouts and training plan and email support for 2 months following the final sessions.  Package must be used within a 6-months from the first session otherwise they will lapse.  Not local to the Victoria area?  Ask me about remote consultations.

2 sessions $375 plus gst
4 sessions $650 plus gst
6 sessions $895 plus gst

* Each session is 60 minutes long. 






Ready to get started with Behaviour Modification?

We’d love to help you and your dog tackle whatever the issue is. 



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Meet Your Trainer: Sharon Labossiere, PCBC-A, KPA-CTP, ADT (IAABC), CSAT, CPDT-KA, CTDI

sharon frontpage

I know how challenging it can be to live with a dog who has behavioural challenges.  Guarding food or toys, showing aggression on a leash can be difficult to live with and embarrassing for us.  These issues can take time to resolve, but in time, with practice, and a solid management plan there is an end in sight.

If you’re like me, your dog is part of your family. That means you’ll want to be absolutely sure I’m the right trainer for you. If you haven’t already, you can read about my professional credentials, experience, and training approach here. 


Private dog training and behaviour modification for dogs in Sooke, Langford, Victoria area BC.



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