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This is the million-dollar question. There is no way to be able to answer this question.  There are so many factors that will affect how long the path to resolution is. It varies significantly from several months to a year or more for a dog with separation anxiety to learn to spend any significant time on their own. In many cases, you’ll be able to leave your dog for short periods within a few months. By the end of your initial six weeks of training, we will have a better idea of your dog’s learning curve and progress speed. Many factors affect how long it takes to resolve the behaviour, such as how long the dog has lived with the issue, their prior learning history, genetics, training commitment, exposure to over-threshold absences, whether behaviour medications are being used and management. Always bear in mind, dealing with separation-related behaviour issues is unlike any other type of dog training. We are dealing with fear, and we are trying to change the emotional response to that fear. It takes time. Historically, based on average results, many clients can achieve 2-3 hours within six months. But this is a guideline only. Some dogs take longer.

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