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The internet, well-meaning friends and family are full of advice about separation anxiety. Some advice is good.  However, some advice is not only not helpful, it can be damaging. Leaving out a food toy to keep the dog busy, is not likely to be helpful.  Calming sprays, thunder-shirts, music designed for dogs, again not likely to be much use.  While some of these things might work for some dogs some of the time, for most dogs, most of the time, they won’t. At best, they fall into the ‘might help, can’t hurt’ category. The trouble is, quite frankly, while you are spending time and money trying all of the advice on the internet, your dog is suffering, and so are you. Separation anxiety can be resolved.  CSAT’s and SAPT’s from around the world have been helping dogs with separation issues and thanks to them, there are many thousands of dogs successfully snoozing away while their wonderful pet parents are out enjoying their life again.

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