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The ultimate in flexible training, separation anxiety behaviour modification requires no special equipment, tools or scheduling.

This program is delivered virtually, in your home.

  • Exercises are customized and provided daily based on the previous day’s results.
  • You choose when you train – the time of day and the days of the week, aiming to do 5 exercises each week.
  • You meet with Sharon once a week via Zoom at a time that you have scheduled with a link she provides you.
  • You are provided with daily coaching 6-days a week.
  • If you are not sure about something you can upload a video for review in between the face-to-face sessions.

The only equipment you need is:

  • A device (phone, tablet, laptop, petcam) with a camera.
  • A wifi connection.

Separation anxiety is the most successful when done remotely.  No more trainer effect when your dog is on their best behaviour as soon as the trainer enters the room.

Separation anxiety coaching has been done online and virtually long before covid was a thing.

It also means you have access to the most qualified trainer that can help you, starting right now, no matter where you live.

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