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Unfortunately, the answer to this one is no, too. There have been a handful of documented cases in which a dog suffering from separation-related behaviour concerns was comforted by the presence of a canine companion. But the vast majority of separation anxiety dogs, even those who actively enjoy the company of other dogs, are only soothed by human companionship. By all means, get a second dog if:

You used to have a second dog, but the remaining dog started to show separation anxiety when they died.
You have been thinking about getting a second dog for a while and are ready for the additional financial commitment, time and training required.
That you are okay if the new dog doesn’t get along with the current dog.
That you are okay if the new dog does not help with your current dog’s separation anxiety.
My advice is don’t get another dog to fix your current dog. There is a high probability that the new addition will not improve your current dog’s separation anxiety. If you want to test this out, consider fostering a dog or dog sitting a friend or family member’s dog etc., to see if you notice your current dog responding. And remember, give it time. A few days will not give you an accurate reading. You need to see how your dog’s behaviour responds over a more extended period of time, so plan for a minimum of a few weeks.

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