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Have you ever had one of those days? Or maybe one of those weeks? It seems that we all go through these times when nothing seems to fall into place. It’s hard to keep smiling when there isn’t much to show for a day’s work. I was thinking about it this morning and perhaps feeling a bit sorry for myself when Pippa came by and nudged me to take her for a walk. Pippa is not subtle, nor is she easily ignored. So off we went for a walk.

The morning air was crisp, and no wind yet. It is a nice change from the last few days. Gracie carried her ball, and Pippa was sniffing the ground, probably in search of bunny nuggets. Gracie dropped her ball, and Pippa dashes to pick it up, so it goes on for the rest of the walk. Drop the ball, pick it up. Sniff interesting scents. Rummage in the dry leaves for who knows what. Roll in the grass. Get up. Shake it off. Repeat.

As for me, I enjoyed a lovely walk with my dogs where my mind wandered. I listened to the chickadees and robins. I watched my dogs do their dog thing. I gazed down the Bow River valley out across Springbank to the mountains in the distance still capped with snow. I scanned the ground for the first crocus (I didn’t see any yet). The buds on the trees are ready to burst open. It won’t be long, everything will be green, and the neighbourhood will be filled with blossom as the maydays and apple trees bloom.

Once home, the girls seek out a sunbeam and catch up on a morning nap. I made a cup of coffee and sat nearby and watched them as they happily snoozed. I think I might leave my problems in the office for a bit longer. There is a sunbeam with my name on it.

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